All dancers are required to wear appropriate dance attire to all dance classes. Leotard, tights, dance pants etc. with proper shoes.  If you are unsure of required attire for your dancer's class, check the listing below or stop by the reception counter and pick up an attire guidelines slip.  All attire and shoes can be fitted and ordered from the Center Stage Dance Closet.  Purchasing your attire from the studio ensures that dancers get the right attire and shoes the first time.

Pre Primary

  • Leotard
  • Tights
  • Ballet Shoes* / Tan Tap Shoes
  • Hair pulled up and back

Primary Level I

  • Leotard / Tights / Ballet Shoes* for Ballet Classes
  • Tan U Buckle Tap Shoes for Tap Classes
  • Tan Jazz Shoes for Jazz Classes
  • Hair pulled up and back

Primary, Intermediate, Teen and Advanced Classes


Ballet classes require a uniform that must be purchased through the studio's Dance Closet. 

  • Girls- CSDS Leotard, Skirt, Tights and Ballet Shoes*
  • Boys - Black Sweat Pants, White T-shirt, White socks, Black Split Sole Ballet Shoes


  • Leotard or Dance Tank
  • Dance Pants or Dance Shorts
  • Tan Jazz Shoes
  • Hair pulled up and back


  • Leotard or Dance Tank
  • Dance Pants or Dance Shorts
  • Tap Shoes (Primary U-Shell Buckle Shoes / Intermediate & Boys Black Jazzy)
  • Hair pulled up and back

Hip Hop

  • Clean Tennis Shoes (worn only in class)
  • Sweat Pants, Capri Pants or Booty / Dance Shorts (no athletic shorts)
  • Fitted Tops, Tanks, Crop/Bra Top or T-Shirt (no baggy or loose tops)
  • Hair pulled up and back


  • Leotard, Fitted Tank or Crop/Bra Top (no baggy or loose tops)
  • Booty / Dance Shorts
  • Bare Feet
  • Hair pulled securely up and back


  • Leotard or Fitted Tank
  • Tights
  • Dance Shorts
  • Tan Foot Undies
  • Hair pulled up and back

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